Ephemera Collection: Fibers



folder title:  Fibers : Individual Artists

    1.  Hamatani Akio:  White Arc, 1979-1983, no date.

    2.  Marie Lyman: Delectable Mountains, Morning Light Studio, in conjunction with the exhibition Boxes and Robes:  Wrapped and Unwrapped Forms, Oregon College of Art and Craft, 1982.

    3.  Sachiko Morino (rope constructions), no dates.

    4.  Lydia Predominato, no date.

    5.  Cynthia Schira: New Work, Spencer Museum of Art, 1987.



folder title:  Fibers: Carpets - International

    1.  Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition:  Hand Woven Argentine Carpets with designs of Argentine artists by Dandolo & Primi, 1966/1968.

    2.  Canadian Hooked rugs, 1860-1960/Le tapis crochete Canadien, 1860-1960, Musee McCord Montreal, no dates.

    3.  Suomen Kasityon Ystavat, Taitaville Kasille for Creative Hands, 1988.

    4.  Traditional Carpets of Serbia, Ethnographic Museum /Belgrade and Horniman Museum/London, 1978.



folder title:  Fibers:  Clothing as Art

    1.  Angels & Bacon Wearable Art, a selection from the 1993 Fifeshire FM93 Wearable Art Awards, Nelson, New Zealand, 1993.

    2.  Art to Wear: New Handmade Clothing, American Craft Museum II, N.Y., 1983.

    3.  Rags:  Clothing as Allegory, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, 1989.



    folder title:  Fibers:  Quilts, Rugs & Basketry

        1.  Louisville Celebrates the American Quilt, Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc., 1992.

        2.  The Quilt Question, Cranberry Gallery, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1979.

        3.  Women's Work:  A Study of Quilts, Aubrey Watzek Library, Lewis and Clark College, 1985.

        4.  Edge to Edge: Selections from Studio Art Quilt Associates, Museum of American Folk Art, N.Y., 1998.

        5.  For the Floor, American Craft Museum II, N.Y., 1985.

        6.  The North American Basket, 1790-1976, Craft Center, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1976.



    folder title:  Fibers:  Tapestry

    1. Nancy Kozikowski: Tapestries, Paintings, Drawings

        2.  Egyptian Tapestries, from the Workshop of Ramses Wissa Wassef, An Experiment in Creativity, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, no date.

        3.  Tapestry:  the Narrative Voice, traveling exhibit 1989-1991. (Sharon Marcus organizer)

        4.  Sharon Marcus:  We Bring Our Lares with Us, exhibition catalog,  no date.

        5. The Possibilities of Weaving February 3rd-March 4th, 1995.

        6. Deliberate Entanglements, 1971-1972.

        7. Fiona Hutchison, no date. 



    folder title:  Fibers:  Contemporary Artists, Misc. Group Exhibitions, Competitions

        1. Extensions, a group show of 10 recent MFA graduate students from the Fibers Department, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gallery, 1987.

        2.  Bonnie Britton/Layne Goldsmith:  Nuevas Formas de Arte Tejidos, Suramericana de Seguros, USIS Servicio Cultural e Informativo de los Estado Unidos, Universidad de los Andes,             1988.

        3.  Legends in Fiber, group show, The Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, Iowa, 1986.

        4.  The Manipulated Thread:  Fiber Art of the Western States, group show, Missoula Museum of the Arts, University of Montana Paxson Gallery, 1988.

        5.  Filaments of the Imagination, group show, The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu, 1981.

        6.  Face to Face:  Cranbrook to Mexico, group show, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1988.



    folder title:  Fibers:  Contemporary Artists, Misc. Group Exhibitions, Competitions

         1.  Terra Homen Signo, Viga Gordilho, group show, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.

         2. 2nd International Exhibition of Miniature Textiles 1976, group show, British Craft Centre, London, 1976.

         3. Reconstruction Memory:  Sanctuary & Desire:  Lou Cabeen, group show, Bellevue Art Museum,


         4. Timeless Tradition, Present Meanings:  Contemporary Art by Women Weavers, Visual Arts Center, California State University, Fullerton, 1996.

         5. Dimensions ’93, Saskatchewan Craft Council, group show, 1993.

         6. Dimensions ’94, Saskatchewan Craft Council, group show, 1994.



    folder title:  Fibers:  Surface Design, Misc. Artists

        1. beds, sweet dreams, and other things, a juried surface design exhibition held in conjunction with the 1979 North Central Surface Design Association Conference, Brunnier Gallery,         Iowa State Center, Ames, Iowa, 1979.

        2.  Fabric Design International, International Student Fabric Design Competition, Kansas Memorial Union Gallery, Lawrence Public Library, 1976.

        3. Diverse Directions: The Fiber Arts, October 13-November 17 1978.

        4. Coded_Couture, Pratt Institute, 2017.



    folder title:  Fibers:  International

    1. Indigo
    2. Numo, Japanese Textiles for the Body
    3. Noriko Tsuiki: The Unseen 

        4. The Mysterious East, Puzzles of Origin, Authenticity & Function in Oriental Rugs and Embroidery,

            Canadian Museum of Carpets and Textiles, Toronto, 1977.

         5. Handarbeten, Nordiskas Design, n.d.