Ephemera Collection: Photography


folder title:  Photography/Historical

  1. Approaches to Photography:  A Historical Survey
  2. The Art of Early Photography
  3. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Photographs
  4. Close to Home: An American Album

folder title:  Photography/Solo Exhibitions

  1. Robert Frank:  Moving Out
  2. Paul Strand
  3. Nathan Lerner:  A Photographic Retrospective, 1932-1979
  4. Juneau Portrait
  5. Roger Mayne Photographs 1964-73
  6. Gerald Robinson: 35 Years of Photography
  7. A Portfolio of 18 reproductions of Todd Walker
  8. Light in the Darkness: The Photographs of Hill and Adamson
  9. Carleton Watkins: From where the view looked best
  10. William Eggleston and the Color Tradition
  11. Nadar Warhol: ParisNewYork
  12. The Man in the Street: Eugene Atget in Paris
  13. Richard Pousette-Dart, Photographs
  14. Stieglitz in the Darkroom
  15. Man Ray at Rue Ferou
  16. The Last Days of Penn Station: Photographs by Aaron Rose
  17. Persistence of Vision:  Paul Berger, 1973-2003
  18. Julia Margaret Cameron
  19. Edward Weston: A Legacy, MaryLou and George Boone Gallery, The Huntington Library, Art
  20. Collections, and Botanical Gardens, 2003.
  21.  Celestial Nights: Visions of an Ancient Land, Photographs by Neil Folberg, Skirball Cultural Center 2004.
  22.  Friedlander, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2005.
  23.  Catherine Angel: My Daughters, Grant Hall Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2002.
  24.  Scene of the Crime: Photo By Weegee, The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2006.
  25.  Julius Shulman Modernity and the Metropolis.  Getty Research Institute, 2006.

folder title:  Photography/Group Exhibitions

  1. Old World, New World:  Three Hispanic Photographers, Paz Errazuriz, Graciela Iturbide, and Cristina Garcia Rodero
  2. Beyond Photography
  3. The Visual Dialogue Foundation at the Friends of Photography Gallery
  4. Lou Stoumen: Photographs 1934-1977
  5. Flash: an exhibition of photographs by Michael Bishop, Mark Cohen, Sandy Hume, Roger Mertin
  6. Bea Nettles: Return Trips, Gallery 210, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri.
  7. Susan Kae Grant, Night Journeys: Dreams, Memory and the Unconscious, California State Univ., 2005.
  8. Photo National, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA., 2005.
  9. The Waking Dream: Photography’s First Century, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1994.
  10. Pictures for the Press, J. Paul Getty Museum, 2006.
  11. Public Faces Private Spaces:  Recent Acquisitions.  The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 2006.

folder title:  Photography/International

  1. Visions of Modernity, Photographs from the Peruvian Andes, 1900-1930
  2. Old World, New World

folder title:  Photography/Miscellaneous

  1. Art & Science:  Investigating Matter
  2. Snaps Around the Clock

folder title:  Photography/Student

  1. Contemporary Photographs
  2. Photography as a Fine Art: A National Student Photography Exhibition
  3. Center of the Eye