Ephemera Collection: Printmaking


folder title:  Printmaking
    1.  At the Edge II: A National Print and Drawing Exhibition, Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin, TX,       
folder title:  Printmaking/20th century Abstract Expressionists

  1. Abstract Expressionist Prints

folder title:  Printmaking/20th century Artists

  1. Woodstock,: Fifty years of Printmaking
  2. Gerald Geerlings:  A Retrospective Exhibition of Prints, 1926-1988
  3. Jasper Johns: Process and Printmaking

folder title:  Printmaking/United States 19th and 20th centuries

  1. A Survey of Printmaking, 1878-1987
  2. The Painter and the Printmaker

folder title:  Printmaking/United States Contemporary Artists

  1. New Abstract Prints
  2. Harrison, Pegram, Graduate Printmaking: Indiana University

folder title:  Printmaking/United States Contemporary Presses

  1. Three Contemporary Presses:  Echo Press, Sette Publishing Company, Shark’s Incorporated

folder title:  Printmaking/International Master Prints, 16th-20th century

  1. Old Master Prints, 26th Annual Exhibition
  2. Master Prints from the Gilkey Collection
  3. Picasso’s Greatest Print

folder title:  Printmaking/Abstract Expressionism
    1.   The Inner Landscape and the Machine, a visual studies workshop exhibition of the work of Sonia
        Landy Sheridan, Visual Studies Workshop, 1974.
    2.  Abstract Expressionist Prints, Association of American Artists, 1986.