High Gloss Opening Feb. 1 in OCAC's Centrum Gallery

February 1, 2019 to March 1, 2019
Featuring the Work of Sara Newsome & Sam Noel.
High Gloss Opening Feb. 1 in OCAC's Centrum Gallery

High Gloss: OCAC's Centrum Gallery
February 1–March 1, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, February 1 | 4–6 pm

High Gloss
Student proposed exhibition. 

“She also taught me to articulate my brows with pencil, and every time I do, I take quiet pleasure in how much more it makes me match the image of myself I have in my head. A swipe of mascara. Finally, the lips: nothing most days, a gentle rose on others. And on my boldest days--or on the days when I need to find my boldest self--it’s unignorable unoverlookable, unambiguous red. The name of the shade is Talk to Me.” — Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, Face Value

Lipstick, iridescent fabric, glitter, highlighter, concealer, clear bra straps, pretty in pink. Like high gloss on furniture, we find ways to protect ourselves through corporeal self expression. Our confidence, insecurities, and taste are brought to the surface through self presentation, allowing us to reveal what we want seen, and cover up what we want protected. Are sequin embellishments a call for attention, or a way to diverge the spotlight from problem areas of the body? Are makeup routines about highlighting our best selves, or concealing our insecurities? Is it wise to enhance our lashes, or should we instead be adjusting the image we have of ourselves in our minds eye? These ideas require consideration of beauty not only in terms of gender, power, and low self-esteem, but also sisterhood, ideology, and identity. 

High Gloss features work by artists Sarah Newsome and Sam Noel presenting a nuanced, but playful look at the body and beautification. Spunk, diffidence, and style combine in a celebration of identity and exploration of sense of self. Fueled by individual stories of adolescence, the work captures both a longing for acceptance and a desire to stand out. Working in transdisciplinary practices, the artists create two and three dimensional works that explore the ways in which the body becomes a physical representation of  life events, a showing of history. 

High Gloss gives form to an ongoing exchange of dialogue between Newsome and Noel, fusing their seemingly divergent stories and practices into a cohesive exhibition and investigation into beauty and identity.