Drawing and Painting Department Head Michelle Ross Exhibits at CANADA in New York

June 1, 2017

Michelle Ross, Head of OCAC's Drawing and Painting Department, will be exhibiting her work at New York gallery CANADA with other artists from the Portland area, including adjuct faculty member Even LaLonde, recent MFA Instructor-in-Residence Jessica Jackson Hutchins, and Art on the Vine auction participants Storm Tharp and Heater Watkins:

CANADA is pleased to announce “Tomorrow Tomorrow” a group exhibition featuring Demian DinéYazhi’ and Noelle Sosaya, MK Guth, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Kristan Kennedy, Evan La Londe, Charlie Perez, Michelle Ross, Storm Tharp, and Heather Watkins. These nine artists are preoccupied with physical abstraction, changeability, and working with materials to shape space with emotional purpose. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the artists are part of a highly collaborative artistic community with a history of migration, mysticism, indigenous strength, and literary soul-searching.

“Tomorrow Tomorrow” is curated by artist Wallace Whitney and Stephanie Snyder, Anne and John Hauberg Curator and Director, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College. The title of the exhibition is from a song by Portland musician Elliot Smith. The exhibition is generously supported by Sarah Miller Meigs and the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College.

redresswithacomposureperiodically fractured copy 2.JPG
Redress: With a composure periodically fractured by wailing (for D.R.), 2016. Cotton, polyester, crinoline, hemp linen, spray paint, oil paint, digital print, graphite. 56 inches x 43 inches