Marjorie Dial: OCAC MFA Thesis Solo Exhibition at Eutectic Gallery

April 12, 2019

Sculptures and Prints
Eutectic Gallery (April 21–27)

Opening Reception: April 12, 6–9 pm
Artist Talk: April 27, 11 am

Join OCAC MFA Thesis student Marjorie Dial at Eutectic Gallery in April for her Solo MFA Thesis show, DROWNED WORLD. Marjorie grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, attended Yale University and owned an import store specializing in Southeast Asian crafts and decorative arts. In 2011, she took a community art class and everything changed – “When I first touched clay at the age of 40, I felt like I woke up from life and started dreaming.”

Dial’s practice is animated by the belief that we are all engaged in a deep search for meaning, connection, pleasure and purpose. Much of this seeking takes place hidden from awareness in submerged, unconscious spaces – an ocean of unsayable things that have been expelled from language.

marjorie dial.jpg