OCAC Community Members Take Part in Local Art Benefit

November 1, 2017

Academic Dean Jiseon Lee Isbara, Metals Department Head Christine Clark, and Professor Emeritus Bill Will are taking part in Hold On Tight, an exhibition to benefit the Rosewood Initiative, a neighborhood space helping to build community in outer SE Portland. The show opens on First Thursday at Nine Gallery on November 2 and will continue through December 3, 2017. 

From the organization:

Hold on Tight is an exhibition of works by over thirty of Portland’s leading artists. It was put together in response to the climate of division that we are experiencing across our country and our city. People from a variety of backgrounds feel threatened and uncertain about the future. One way of dealing with our sense of uncertainty is to turn to each other, to reach out and to hold on tight. By building our community and working together, we can comfort and encourage one another to create the respectful and inclusive world that we want to live in.

All proceeds from art sales will go to The Rosewood Initiative. Artists are donating a wide variety of paintings, prints, drawings, collages and sculptures - funny, serious, abstract, representational- something for everyone!

The artists have agreed to price their work at $100 and under, well under market value, to make the show accessible to people from all income levels. In this way the art making and art viewing community can support individuals directly, as well as connect with Rosewood’s efforts to build a stronger and inclusive Portland.

Learn more about the event on their Facebook page here.