OCAC Hoffman Gallery Manager Sam Hopple Guest Curates @LAVC

January 15, 2019

from the outside in
guest curated by Sam Hopple
LAVC Art Gallery

Los Angeles Valley College presents "from the outside in," featuring the work of Hunter Buck, Allison Peck, and Katie Shapiro and organized by guest curator Sam Hopple. Sam is an independent curator and arts writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Hopple, who serves as OCAC's Hoffman Gallery Manager, received her B.A. in Art, Design and Media from Richmond University in London in 2012. She is interested in contemporary visual culture and investigating the relationship between space and object.

LAVC Art Gallery: Los Angeles, CA
Exhibition: February 13–March 14
Reception for Artists: Wednesday, February 13 | 6–8 pm

“I think of landscape as a material site but also as a nexus of images that accumulate around the site itself.” —Zarhouie Abdalian (Mousse Magazine; issue 27).

Using the gallery space as a laboratory for exploring ideas of place, memory, and the capturing of moments in time, this exhibition focuses on contemporary work related to landscape from artists using site-responsive methods and non-traditional materials. A photograph, a transfer, a ritualized act; by placing these "visual recordings" of the natural world into the ‘white cube’ environment, they are acting as a catalyst for experimentation. Can the viewer feel and experience place, or does the work simply remain a souvenir of the geographical?