OCAC MFA in Craft Alumna Lindsay Martin + Ellen Petruzzella: Thesis Showing @ Ford Gallery

January 26, 2019

Ellen Petruzzella and Lindsay Martin
OCAC MFA in Craft: Second Showing of Thesis Work
"The Habitual and the Novel: Magic" Opening Reception + Poetry Reading


Opening Reception and Poetry Reading

Saturday, January 26 | 6–9 pm
Poetry Reading: 7 pm
Ford Gallery
In Conjunction with Ford Food and Drink

Gather. Retain. Modulate. Materialize. Share. The Habitual and The Novel: Magic is a second reiteration of thesis bodies of work by Ellen Petruzzella and Lindsay Martin created at OCAC—with new and continued work. Both Ellen and Lindsay revel in sensory experience, image, and poetic memoir. Their practices focus on transforming the everyday into the extraordinary with material and perception. This work exists in partnership with the fated and coincidental alignment of material and time, of body and spirit. The thesis showing is held at Ford Gallery, in conjunction with Ford Food and Drink: Music, food, drinks for purchase.

Ellen Petruzzella focuses on building relationships and understanding through material and sensory encounters. Lindsay Martin uses painting to create a poem via imagery, searching for a new visual language from place and experience. She grapples with place, pulling it apart and putting back together to form new potentials, the casual and the wonderful, in the present. Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse, this show seeks to share stories via poetry, object and image to create something new and thus, creating something magical.

Writers Wanted for Poetry Reading:
Read your work aloud at the Ford Food and Drink, in conjunction with MFA in Craft's thesis showing. Ellen Petruzzella and Lindsay Martin will be hosting a poetry/writing reading, open to the audience and OCAC community. If interested in reading your ongoing work, email lindsay.martin@ocac.edu by January 24. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your alternative creative practice. Poems, art statements, snippets of thesis research, day dreams, and unfiltered streams of conscious all welcome. This program is free and open to all.