Cat Chidester

Despair/Repair is a project based on the physiological and psychological aspects of an abrupt transition. Evolving from Chidester’s divorce at a young age, this project confronts the structures surrounding processes of grief and change, while focusing on the confusion created within an individual’s mindset. The work is informed by the Five Stages of Grief, and the Change Curve developed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a psychiatrist who specialized in near death studies, explaining the pattern of adjustment after death, and transitional period, after change occurs. Weaving together the human experiences of loss, the artist elaborates on the disorientation that transformation has upon the mind.Chidester’s final sculptural installation uses materials that retain memory of process, such as wire, thread, human flesh, and domestic surfaces. Each piece is a metaphor for the physical and mental experiences involved in various transitions presented throughout life.

Thesis Title: 
Despair/Repair Uncertainty of Change
Thesis Year: