Chelsea Snow

Through study of self and the search for wholeness, Snow finds bricolage, the process of combining existing parts to create a new whole. In spite of a desire to create art about bricolage, the artist sets forth on another path of constructing, deciphering, graphing, writing about, contemplating, critiquing and dialoguing about the search, itself. The project that emerges is an inquiry-based installation organized with bricolage as a guiding principle, prompting questions about the ways we construct meaning. The first piece is an illuminated, meandering path - a labyrinth - representing a personal and internal search for meaning. The second installation is a small, enclosed space designed for two people to sit in comfortably, like a fort. It is an invitation for dialogue. Community is represented by the third installation, an interactive wall piece, using string on a radial graph. The piece, answers the question, through the act of accretion, how are we? The interplay between these three pieces of art illuminates the complexity of the human need for a deeper understanding of and between self, other and community.

Thesis Title: 
Spiritual Bricolage
Thesis Year: