Jennifer Viviano

Viviano presents a personal exploration of inherent knowledge and relationships to the world. She questions the ways in which human culture has limited its possibilities in communication and valuable knowledge exchange. Through discovery, the artist recognizes a hubris in thinking - that there is one, perceived way of knowing the world, therefore resulting in a socially and politically fractured state for humanity and ultimately, isolation as a species. Viviano writes about the human condition and creates accompanying objects as a way of knowing and pointing to how embodiment and emplacement support an understanding of what it means to be human. She draws from geological materials, to ground the audience and herself, as the maker. The objects are made for an inside space, drawing attention to an interior encounter. Vivano creates a contemplative experience, suggesting that our relationship with earthly materials combined with archetypal, sacred forms, is a way to face the unknown.

Thesis Title: 
The Interval of Mystery, What we Know in Our Bones
Thesis Year: