Laura O'Quin

In her thesis project, O’Quin tackles three collaborations “rooted in friendship; based on trust, unpredictable outcomes, and mutual admiration.” Each collaboration includes a signature, a 16-page section in a book of content accompanied by objects. When displayed together, the books and objects show how “individuals, groups, and ideas are interconnected.” The three collaborations are: draw me a sheep, a collaboration with Andreas Kindler von Knobloch to discover what is lost or gained between the idea of a sheet and what it represents; Thunder Lizard, (Dinosaura, Sauropoda), a collaboration with Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and is a poetic proposal for the stability of the name “brontosaurus”; and The Threshold People, a collaboration with Will Moss which is a template suggestion there is more to gain than what is actually lost in translation.

Thesis Title: 
Between You And Me
Thesis Year: