Marisa Guerrero

Guerrero studies the limits of the mind when performing under stress. When suffering from an anxiety disorder, it is difficult to be present. The artist uses absent-mindedness due to massive loads of stress as inspiration for her work. Guerrero created three interactive installations using artificial light and motion as tools. The installations engage the audience, utilizing light and motion as a tool for engagement and as vehicle to address the more philosophical aspects of life. The artist poses the question: how much control do we have over what we call reality? Because perception dominates reality, Guerrero investigates the possibility of being in control of what is seen and experienced as reality by playing with the viewer’s perception. Throughout the project, the artist asks: if everyone had the possibility of being in control of our own reality, would we be in a better world?

Thesis Title: 
Awareness: Escaping From a Dystopian State of Mind
Thesis Year: